Powerstar HV MAX

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    Summary: Amorphous core HV/LV transformer with integrated voltage optimisation.

    Benefits: Average electricity consumption savings of 17%.

    For use in: Sites operating a (HV) supply with conventional transformer and high voltage.


Powerstar HV MAX provides a combined solution to two common problems, combining a super low-loss amorphous core HV/LV transformer with integrated variable voltage optimisation technology

What are the benefits?

The reason voltage optimisation is required is to correct problems caused by the HV infrastructure.
Unless the HV/LV transformer on site is brand new it is more efficient to correct the issues at source with Powerstar HV MAX;

  • The super-low loss amorphous core transformer used in Powerstar HV MAX will provide 3%-10% savings on traditional HV/LV transformers
  • The integrated electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation technology will provide a further 12%-15% savings
  • Therefore, typical expected savings of 17% reduction on annual electricity consumption can be expected
  • Guaranteed safety, reliability and security
  • Provides voltage phase balancing and withstands power spikes and surges

Is Powerstar HV MAX right for my business?

The Powerstar HV MAX system is ideal for sites with the following profile:

  • Operates its own HV/LV supply
  • Has an inefficient HV/LV transformer on site with high load losses
  • Has a high incoming voltage profile
  • Powerstar HV MAX systems have provided significant savings for healthcare estates, supermarket stores, utility companies, education facilities, government and local authorities and new build developments.

If Powerstar HV MAX does not fit your requirements then have a look at the LV range of voltage optimisation systems available with either Powerstar fixed voltage optimisation or Powerstar MAX variable voltage optimisation.

Why do I need to replace my HV/LV transformer?

Powerstar HV MAX Replacing HV/LV transformer

A HV/LV transformer is required to convert high voltage (HV) electricity supplied from the grid into low voltage electricity (LV) for safe use on site.  Transformers are required to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, during which time they will undergo constant losses which can be significant depending on the age and efficiency of the transformer used.

This loss is defined in two categories


Load losses which are experienced during the time when electricity is in use
No-load losses which is caused by the load on the transformer regardless of whether electricity is in use or not

Super-low loss amorphous transformers significantly reduce the losses experienced in both load and non-load states which provide savings on electricity consumption and lower carbon emissions.  With electronic-variable voltage optimisation technology combined as part of Powerstar HV MAX, additional savings on the LV side are also delivered on top of reductions achieved through replacing the HV/LV transformer.

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Product range specifications

The Powerstar Powerstar HV MAX - super low loss HV/LV transformerHV MAX is available in a range of sizes from 315kVA    to 2,500kVA.

It allows for 11,000v/20,000v/22,000v/33,000v input with a regulated 433v nominal with electronically regulated 380v (or user defined) output.

Included with the Powerstar HV MAX system is the HMI (Human Machine Interface), and automatic voltage reduction bypass. Additional options include harmonic mitigation winding and manual switch bypass.

The Powerstar MAX systems are not off the shelf solutions and are engineered to suit the voltage characteristics of each site.