Our services

We understands that each site and each customer is different.

We ensure that each and every one of our customers achieves their maximum savings potential and make sure the correct solution is provided for each site we install at.

We do this thanks to our project led approach. We know that each site has it’s own energy characteristics, needs and consumption levels and because of this provide a tailored solution to help us the above promises.

A full site survey is carried out by a dedicated Project Engineer (free of charge, no obligation) to determine the most effective method to reduce electricity consumption on their site and Characteristics of the building(s) and its load demands will be established. From this, the current annual electricity costs and maximum and average consumption for the site will also be sought.

After all information has been gathered, a proposal will be created and presented to the customer to show a full breakdown of savings that would be achieved on the site, the cost and the payback period.

Our team of qualified and meticulous project engineers have a wealth of experience in implementing projects effectively and efficiently within clients parameters to ensure that all systems are installed with minimum disruption to business operations.

We strive to provide the correct engineering solution for each of our clients and as part of this approach we provide a dedicated project engineer to manage each installation who will be the main contact for the client and will manage the whole installation process throughout.

Post installation the project engineer will liaise with the client to ensure they are happy with the installation and issue necessary documentation (O&M manuals, certificates, fitted drawings etc.)